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A successful writer is a blend of savvy and aptitude. Focused on their project's goals,

the professional wordsmith applies creative vision and well-honed skills to

shape energizing words to stimulate an audience's ability to absorb the message fully.



Success in writing draws on more than an ability to apply grammar rules. When you need to make a dynamic statement, consider having a professional wordsmith bring form and function to your vision. He or she will help you immediately capture the eye and mind of your target audience. Each professional wordsmith provides an array of skills:

Timely Attention
The professional writer will know how to help you motivate your target audience to take action when and as necessary. Ads and commercials are often centered on special offers linked to a deadline. Even non-commercial projects demand attention to the element of time--if only with regard to the publishing schedule of the project. Greeting cards, holiday-themed stories, and seasonal topics all require concern for timing when their creator is seeking a positive response from potential publishers.

Clarity of Vision and Revision 
An investment of time and other resources in research, writing, and editing justifies a full commitment to excellence in every writing project. Regardless of the origins, focus or breadth of a composition, your professional wordsmith will dedicate him- or herself to producing the same degree of excellence in ad copy, an historical article, or a ghost-written novel.

Fluid Language Skills

A professional writer often has heightened language skills gained by experience in public speaking and the performing arts. Many also have knowledge of the structure and flow of at least one second language, which enhances their abilities within their first.

Rich Topical Knowledge  
A deep understanding of any given topic can only be gained from focused research and analysis. This requires more than ten minutes of glancing through the offerings of an Internet search engine. In addition to general background information, a wordsmith will research respected industry materials and publications to clarify how specialists have previously addressed a subject.

Target Readers, Viewers & Listeners  

A truly successful writer must know the demographics of the target audience. What are the key characteristics of their backgrounds? What might they already know about the topic? Will they expect to be educated? Or, will they demand to be entertained? If the goal of the project is to educate, the professional writer will know how to present the information in a way that it can be appropriately absorbed by the majority of their audience. 

Content Recycling  

Evaluating both the short- and long-term potential of a project can yield unforeseen benefits. Writers, as well as their employers, should consider whether a composition can be modified to meet the requirements of multiple publishing venues. Obviously an advertisement can be adjusted for new promotional campaigns. Likewise, depending on the issue of copyright, lengthier text could be offered to media outlets as news stories, or expanded to a series of  articles, or even a book. 

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