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Most retail or residential spaces have at least one feature that can be embellished... 

​​Branding Personal Spaces

​Regardless of whether you are a commercial or creative professional, the spaces in which you work and live should reflect your taste and style! What colors, shapes and materials inspire you on a daily basis?

Too often we separate between our personal and professional lives, which leads to disharmony. One retail professional solved part of this dilemma buy consistently wearing black. She accessorized basic black garments with a beautiful array of jewelry, scarves, belts, and jackets perfectly displayed on the ideal neutral background. A black shoe could be accented with a distinctive buckle; her hair might feature a flower or other adornment that reinforced other themes in her attire; when faded, an item was simply replaced.

A similar strategy can be applied to the physical spaces surrounding us. Please understand I'm not suggesting you surround yourself with a black-centered palette, but you can determine design elements you find appealing, and select colors, furniture and accessories that reflect your design aesthetic. Even if you're the manager or franchisee of an international brand, there should be some way in which to feature your personal style.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, my home reflects the style of much architecture in the Southwest. My design choices reflect a balance between the architecture and multi-cultural accents I've acquired during my life. Being married, I can't uniformly utilize every design element I may wish, but overall I've created an environment in my home that friends, clients, and even interviewers find reflective of my personality and work...now if I can just catch up with the external elements...

Regardless of your preferred design and living style, try to be consistent. With today's focus on electronic communication, you may be more likely to visit with someone via a smartphone or the internet. Therefore, create at least one space from which you can project yourself in a manner that is harmonious with your desired aesthetic! The following images offer some ideas for simple projects you might undertake to move you forward on a path toward a homogenous personal and even professional environment.

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I must confess that my office is not always this tidy, but it is an environment in which I can work and from which I can speak to readers or interviewers!


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​Here's the entrance to a home I helped remodel for sale. ​Residential or commercial, a building's entrance 
sets the expectation of your guests! 

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