Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.


For Your Success

   Regardless of whether you are the proprietor of a small business, or part of an
   international commercial or non-profit organization, brand positioning is key to
   your success.  The answer to two questions may summarize the effectiveness
   of your brand marketing:  
Is your brand widely recognized? And, do your name
   and logo generate a positive reaction by your competitors, as well as clients, staff        and community leaders?  
By periodically measuring your branding strategies
   against organizational and marketplace realities, you may discover ways to 
   refine elements of your brand identity.  Then, by establishing stepped goals, you
   can maximize the benefits of implementing formidable but cost-effective brand        management.

      Where will you be in five years?  Personally?  Professionally?  Is your organization likely
      to continue beyond the time of your leadership?  How do you think your organization
      will have developed in five years?  How are you planning for your departure from the               organization?  If you are a profitable enterprise, might employees or family become                 partners or owners?  Or would you most likely sell to outsiders?  If you are a non-
      profit, how do you envision the needs of your clientele changing?  Who might emerge
      to lead your organization to its next level of success?  Your response to these key                     questions will help you in determining a program of image enhancement appropriate
      to both your current and projected needs.

      Are there gaps in your current operational procedures?  Analyzing market realities                   encompasses more than determining your margin of profit as a commercial enterprise,
      or the scale of donations received, if you are a non-profit.  Knowing local, regional and             international standards for your product or service can reveal your ideal market niche
      and provide a foundation on which you can build prolonged success.  Exploring the                 operations of neighboring organizations, plus competitors, suppliers, and associated               enterprises, may generate fresh ideas for improving your image and effectively
      targeting your desired market.  

      Launching a successful program of image enhancement includes examining every area
      of daily operation.  Do your signage, office and/or storefront reflect your industry?  
      Are clients and other visitors greeted warmly by phone, in person and on the Internet?             Remember that an effective marketing program will place your entire organization in
      the bull's eye of public attention.  And what about the foundation of your organization?           Have you reviewed your values, vision and mission statements recently?  Is your
      Executive Summary articulate and compact?  Are your business and/or development
      plans comprehensive?  Do they incorporate up-to-date statistics?  Do you polish them               periodically to reflect changing realities?  Are you using these materials effectively to
      help reach your goals?

      Can you succinctly pinpoint the demographics of your current client base.  How do
      these data compare with your desired clientele?  Your answers should reveal potential             changes in the focus of your branding efforts.  Some experts assert that periodic
      surveys may yield unwelcome responses, but we propose that even negative responses             can fortify your sense of purpose and lead to clarity in your strategic planning!  By                   effectively surveying staff, family and friends, as well as past and present clients, you               many find a fresh view of your image and unexpected ideas for achieving success. 
      Helping you know what is appealing to your clientele may also determine what will
      appeal to potential buyers or other inheritors.

      Confident in your leadership role, you can invite dialogue with your staff or volunteers             which will enhance their sense of identity as pro-active members of your organization!             With your research complete, you can set goals for enhancing operations to ensure
      your target market knows your name, logo and slogan.  While it is necessary to
      confirm your leadership role, you must also involve your employees and/or volunteers
      in organizational development.  By encouraging appropriate opportunities for team
      input, your self-promotion and expansion will be stronger than if you rely solely on                 management or outside consultants.

      No one lives in a vacuum.  Even if it is time for a clean sweep, taking stock of the
      myriad aspects of your day-to-day business can yield far more than negativity.  
      Remember, you ARE where you ARE because of your past.  Considering what you've                 already paid in time, energy and resources, it's worth reviewing your journey!  Even if
      you are experiencing a downward trend, or have accomplished only modest growth,
      you can review the people and activities that have helped you accomplish each level of             success.  Hopefully, you have scrapbooks or folders of evolving logos and stationery,               advertising campaigns and special events.  And from these past successes, you may                 recognize patterns that are worthy of reconsideration!  Even a fifty-year old logo's 
      starring character can get a new wardrobe, haircut and backdrop to proudly announce             the longevity of your enterprise, plus your awareness of today's trends!

      Compare your business plan with your daily operations on a regular basis, maintaining
      a file of potential, as well as past, promo projects and your preferred design elements. 
      To ensure you are moving forward positively, shape every aspect of public relations
      and marketing campaigns to meet some aspect of your goals.  To save time, money
      and energy, jump-start the impact and appropriateness of your branding consultant by             summarizing past promotional successes, defining design preferences and being                     forthright about your goals. 

What branding strategies effectively highlight your unique organization? 
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