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​​Company Profile


Are you a startup business needing initial promotion? A non-profit seeking community support?  An established enterprise set for revitalization? To help you achieve success, Imaginings will analyze your current standing within your community ​and within your industry. We can help you refine an effective expression of your unique identity to outshine competitors and remain in your client's eye long after each successful interaction!

COMPANY OVERVIEW. Imaginings is a sole proprietorship located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Having served clients from Newport, Rhode Island to Honolulu, Hawai`i and Ketchikan, Alaska to Tucson, Arizona for over 25 years, the Jeanne Burrows-Johnson, focuses on  empowering sole proprietorships and partnerships, as well as governmental, profit and non-profit organizations. We specialize in helping clients synchronize their corporate image and voice to achieve success with energizing enhancement of premises, dynamic product presentation and focused promotional campaigns.

In our global economy, our decades of training and professional experience in small business and the performing arts, plus graduate studies in Asian and American history offer a well-rounded sense of the realities of multi-culturalism in the 21st century. In 1998, materials articulating our common-sense approach to branding and self-promotion were distributed to fledgling businesses in Far Eastern Russia.

Technical and creative assignments have included
conceptualization, research, writing, or review of:  bios and resumes; internal and external communication; logos and slogans; values, vision and mission statements; business plans; grant proposals marketing strategies and materials; feature articles, creative and technical text for books; speeches, audio and video scripts; media communication; synchronization of websites. We have also provided ambience enhancementof homes, store fronts, events and trade shows, via floral art, furnishings and decor. Specific assignments have been performed for the following industries:


We promise to follow the Golden Rule in honoring your person-hood and your dreams with the honesty, warmth and comprehensive performance we seek for ourselves.


We envision each of our clients achieving self-empowerment and success that will enrich themselves, their organization and our global community.


Our mission is to provide customer-fit strategies, practical tools and creative experiences that help each individual and organization we serve energize, synchronize and positively express their unique identity.


While drawing on a synergistic style and multi-disciplinary techniques, our work for clients includes:
~ Defining collective goals
~ Assessing industry and overall market realities
~ Strategic planning to achieve long-term goals
~ Synchronizing public and self-perceptions with stated goals
~ Designing and implementing strategic programs that advance success
~ Performing periodic reviews and refinement


For further information on how we can help you accomplish your goals, please call us or send a letter of inquiry.  You can also send us an email note through our Contact Us page, but please be aware that for security reasons we do not open attachments or mass mailings sent CC without prior arrangement.​

Our goal is to help you manifest success beyond your vision!
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