Common Denominators For Success

Why should we discuss grant proposals and business plans
at the same time?  Because many of the same elements
will appear in the successful execution of either project. 


        Regardless of whether you are a retailer seeking a loan, or a non-profit seeking
        donors and grants, you must be able to present a clear overview of your current
        and projected operations

~  Market research, with statistics about your marketplace or service area,

             including the demographics of your target clientele.

~  A clear description of your organization and how you differ from competitors 
~  Financial projections, with specifics of daily operations and plans to invest in                          facilities, equipment, and staff.

~  A timeline for achieving short- and long-term goals.

Comprehensive marketing, public relations, and sales campaigns, as well as
             special events and community service projects that offer potential for
             free media coverage.


        You have less than a minute in which to engage your reader's attention.  Concrete                 images are more valuable than words. Ask yourself and team members, "How can

        our message be highlighted?  As a writer, I constantly seek creative means for  

        varying the layout of the words I present. In addition to images, I employ color,

        shape, proportion, paragraphing, indentation and ornamentation (i.e. bullets and

        framing).  This refreshes the eyes of the reader by breaking up the monotony of                     extensive verbiage.  
~  Illustrations, drawings and photographs should be bright, with good focus
             and contrast.  Each must be pertinent to whatever point you are making,
             and serve as a memorable example of
why your petition deserves positive                 attention and support.  Check with your legal adviser about whether you
             need to obtain releases from individuals whose faces or other notable
​             features may be visible.

~  Charts, tables, diagrams, and other statistical presentations must be well

             structured and labeled to ensure clarity in the meanings and relationships

             of their individual and collective parts.


        Admittedly, there is no shorthand method for ensuring a business plan or grant                     proposal will yield the support you seek. Each topic I have explored here                                 demonstrates one clear theme:  The need to present an harmonious layering of                     complex details in an eye-catching format that is easy to understand. Perhaps it
        is not surprising that this same quality separates a casual doodle from a elegant
        pen and ink drawing in fine art; the professional artist has painstakingly built
        layers into his or her masterpiece, so that a depth of perspective is achieved that                   sweeps viewers into the heart of each scene.

Have you started assembling your long-range business plan?
Refining a business plan is more than a writing exercise!  
If successful, it will generate:

~  Data for completing applications for grants and business loans

        Specific elements you will utilize in planning promotional projects
       Proof of why someone will invest in your endeavors

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Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.