Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 @ Imaginings. All rights reserved.



Facilitates Successful Development

​​WHO are you?
WHERE are you in your professional journey?
WHAT are your professional and personal goals?

         Regardless of whether you are a self-employed professional, sole proprietor,                             or a corporate executive, today's marketplace demands that you maximize your                         visibility through effective branding management to ensure your continuing viability!


​       The freelance writing of many marketing and public relations specialists reflects                        shot-gun approaches to enhancing corporate brand awareness and personal                              branding for executives.  For many years, Jeanne Burrows-Johnson has seen the high              cost and minimal benefits of such thinking.  In contrast, she encourages progressive                  executives to employ an integrated strategic planning process to harmonize daily                      operations with distinctive branding endeavors. Through her in-depth research and
         honed writing skills, she helps shape unique strategies for achieving individual and                    corporate success.  Memorable marketing materials and interactive experiences that go              beyond isolated sales and special events, generates lasting relationships with staff,                    and clients as well as one's on-line and physical community.

         Although most of her energies are now focused on writing a series of historical and
         multi-cultural accented mysteries set in Honolulu, Jeanne continues to work with                        individuals and organizations that are seriously pursuing long-term success.  Through 
             Wordpower and Design Integration, she helps shape strategies for attracting and                      keeping current and future clientele of the organizations she serves.
         While open to executing a limited project requiring timely completion, the spring-
         board of Imaginings' comprehensive work [
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         analyzing each client's short- and long-term goals.  After this, a stepped program
         can be designed to strengthen branding and promotion that will
maximize the
         return on investments of time, talent and treasure

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey of energizing self-improvement? 
         Take a mental snapshot of where you are...and consider where you wish to be.  
         Next, examine the unity of elements in your current branding and marketing efforts.                  Consider whether those endeavors are harmonious with your virtual and physical
         premises and your operational systems.  Finally, as you reach out for the support
         of others, evaluate the level at which you support your community and your industry.

         Regardless of whether you feel you need Jeanne's services, please consider how some of
         the  ideas in this website might prove useful.  Would some of them strengthen your                    organizational culture or personal work environment?  
Test the practicality of a
         single idea for one month 
to see if it proves useful to you...

           Please explore this informational website for a taste of the energy, whimsy and
          common-sense resource allocation you can bring to the process of realizing your 
          vision of success.  To enhance special events, please visit our sample
Print and                         Broadcast Media Releases andEvent Overview Checklist.  For support in your
          executive career, see 
Bios To Empower You, Resume & Career Tips, and 
Wearing Your Brand.  To Learn about architecture in the American
          Southwest, see the historical article on
El Encanto Estates.  
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Our goal is to help you manifest success beyond your vision!
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